Friday, May 4, 2012

Best sandwhich bread recipe and more

I love when she snuggles, so does dad!

I must say it was pretty tricky cutting Ryan's hair this month. Lydi woke up from her nap earlier than I planned but I think it turned out swell except the big chunk I took out by his ear, lol :) Good thing he loves me and didn't mind.

2 things: found the binky she'll take.. Yay! And I'm so glad my mom sent her little hat so when we go on walks she stays away from the sun. I am dying how humid it's been these last few days, reminds me of my mission!

Since I went crazy at sams club I am going to have to be more domestic by making our bread so we stay within our budget for groceries. I must say this is the best sandwich bread I've found. Yummy.

She is 7 weeks old :) Yay! She started smiling at 5 weeks, I have yet to get it on camera. Don't worry I got it on video. Copy and paste this link to see

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