Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Gifts

Lydia and I on mothers day before church
Ryan and Lydia before church
She went through 3 outfits from blow out diapers before we got to church.. This was #2

I found my new favorite cake... White cake with strawberry jello. Haven't had it with whip cream and strawberries but I'm guessing it beats any cake! We fed the missionaries today that's why more than half of the cake is gone. Don't worry Ryan and I didn't eat that much cake after dinner. Ha ha. However I'm sure we could of it was yummy

Ryan cleaned up our garden. He didn't want to have to weed again so he put this wood down to stop the weeds from coming up.

This is our strawberries on top and the potatoes down below.

Corn we planted Saturday.. Stay tune on those

Ryan is sitting in a launch chair I found on the side of our dumpster. People in our complex put items they no longer want that other people can take on the side. Lucky me who found 2 of them. :)

My mom gave me some money along with some other things for mothers day and I bought stickers to put in my house. Sticker #1 in living room

Sticker #2 in laundry room

Lydia's room stickers... Stay tune on her room I'm in the middle of getting it decorated. Still have to put up the blinds and we are getting her crib at the beginning of June from our neighbor who is moving. Also the clock I painted and decorated. I had lots of fun with this one. Under the clock I've got shelves I'm still going to paint for book shelves.

Last the bathroom. The curtain is white with green vines at the bottom so I decided to put a tree. On the other side of the bathroom I have a shelf I'm going to hang that has hooks to put little Lydia's towels on. I have to say I loved Super K Mart today :) Thanks mom for the $20

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