Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Days you don't want to work

Ok so I for some reason have one of these days hmmm probably every week or so where I just don't want to do what I should be doing. I am doing the laundry today and the washing machine broke down and it made me think, "Well guess I don't have to work today." Lydia is napping and I just look at my list of chores and thought maybe next nap :) Since that will be in 2 hours. But I decided days like this I enjoy because I do things that I want to do rather than need to do. For example I've been really really wanting to decorate Lydia's room finally and I've been looking online for a good deal for vinyl lettering for her name above her crib. I also have day dreamed about making her curtains for that room but hopefully July I can turn that day dream into a real project.

I have also been realizing that life is about those small things! Ryan is such a great gardener and I am following his lead and hopefully will be a gardener too. This morning when I picked my strawberry fresh from our garden to eat in my shake I had the most excited feeling come over me. I have daydreamed of eating straight out of a garden that's mine and here I am doing it. I love it! Yesterday I ate our first pea. YUMMY! I remember as a kid jumping on the Mathisons tramp or maybe it belonged to the Hurgets? Anyways, us rebel kids would pick the Hurgets peas and eat them all afternoon. Not very nice of us but I enjoyed it so much it inspired me to have a garden when I get older. :) We have potatoes too that we planted from potatoes that had started going bad. I am so excited to eat them in a couple months :)

Life is so fun! Ok, now I probably should get serious and go back to cleaning (start I mean) but I must say blogging is another love of mine :) Weirdly enough I feel productive like I'm scrap-booking.

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  1. Dang right! Blogging is definitely productive! It's like a journal and scrapbook all in one- that's what I tell myself to justify the amount of time I spent writing mine :) just print it off in a book at the end of each year and call it good- record keeping at its best!