Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Things I want to Remember

Sunday night the Kelley's brought over Lydia's crib. They are a dental family who just graduated and are moving. They were so kind to give us all there baby stuff! The crib is so big compared to her basinet. Little things, like a big crib, that show she's growing up make me sord of sad in a way. The things she does now that I want to remember...

1. Smile every time she see's me

2. Snuggle up against me when she's tired

3. Reaches up to hold my hair and makes sure yep it's mom

4. Talks to me after bath time

5. She tries to eat the bubbles when I'm bathing her

6. When she gets done eating she lays over my lap and has to stretch with her head hanging off my lap for a good couple of minutes. It makes me smile inside every time :)

7. The lint under her chin and on her hands. I have to clean them out every morning when I'm bathing her.

8. She likes to go out early with me in the mornings and go running. Before she falls asleep she looks at the sky and tree's like they are the most beautiful creation.

9. When she's tired she rubs her hands over her eyes

10. She likes her eyes covered when she sleeps

11. Sadly her night time feedings are coming to a close (your thinking, "Oh that's not sad!") but the look on her face is always priceless when she see's my bed head. I can't help but chuckle! She also will only stay awake to eat if I blow on her face. Her face seems to say, "Thanks mom, you have horrible morning breath!"

12. No mother likes to hear their baby cry. I think it's adorable though to see her lower lip stick out and quiver

The joys truly are endless!

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