Friday, May 25, 2012

The scale lies!

Fact: Majority of people avoid the scale like the plaque.

Fact: The scale (most) doesn’t say your body percentage of fat and muscle.

Good news, the scale lies! I have always enjoyed watching the biggest looser because it’s motivating that people can take control of their lives after letting go. So since it aired on Tuesdays I decided that would be my weigh in day after Lydia came. But I must say it lies! Ha ha, This is when most of you are thinking, “Danielle, get a grip it doesn’t lie. You just don’t want to fess up to what it says.” Actually I’m totally comfortable with what it says but for the past 5 Tuesdays I have only moved 3 rocks. . .

Ok real quick... What are Rocks? :) My motivation to keep going. I saw this on pinterest of course. Pinterest is where all my creative ideas come from :) So I have a quart jar with Pounds to Loose and Pounds Lost. I move the rocks from Pounds to Loose to Pounds Lost every Tuesday when I weigh in.

So back to the fact that I’ve only moved 3 in the past 5 weeks. This is why the scale lies. I have gained so much muscle and lost a lot more fat. How I can tell? My pants are too big. Ok, so these are not my small jeans but my bigger jeans so don’t think I’ve moved all my rocks yet. But I’ve decided the real judge should be how I feel and a measuring tape. :) Can’t forget the measuring tape because Yes I can be fat and happy, HA HA.

Loosing the baby weight for me was a whole lot easier than I thought, now comes the hard part the extra 10 I had gained before that. But I know these 10 pounds might take awhile but hey what’s the rush? I just need to keep trying :)

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming (LOVE DORI OFF OF FINDING NEMO)

Please share your success stories or goals to keep me motivated :)


  1. Yeah, the battle after childbirth. I always wanted to get my weight off because I didn't want people to say, "wow, you can tell she has 1,2,3,4 &5 kids". Also, the body changes after childbirth in some ways good and in some ways not so good. You looked great when I was with you after Lydia was born, I imagine you look great now.

  2. Thanks mom! I feel good and I feel like I look good I just couldn't help but post my feelings about how funny I think scales are and how they are not a good judge of fitness :)