Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Blog

I am deleting my old email as well as the blog that goes with it. Here is the link to the new blog.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sore from Slip N Slide

Memorial day our neighbors, the Farar’s, set up a huge slip n slide for everyone and brought their grill. Ryan and I showed up without our swim suits on thinking it was just for the kids. So Adriana Farar said I should go get my swim suit on. I’m glad I did because it was a blast. The kids had almost as much fun as the adults. It was pretty funny to see the mom’s racing down the slip n slide. I forgot I haven’t seen the sun in a very long time so I should of put some sun screen on. I got pink but luckily haven’t peeled :) Phew! I didn’t get any pictures of me racing down the slip n slide but I’m sure I had some funny faces considering my hip ran over the stake leaving a pretty good sore spot. The next day out running I couldn’t believe how sore I was. After ten minutes of running I resulted to walking because I was so incredibly stiff. Ha ha. Liz brought her girls over after and we grilled some hamburgers, watched Peter Pan, and relaxed :) That was a fun memorial day!

Dated Thursday, May 31st: Right now I am actually driving to Utah. Ryan’s Grandpa Hayes died Thursday and so we are headed home for the funeral Saturday morning at 11. The dental school has been so good to let Ryan head to Utah and take his exams through Weber State’s testing centers. It will be good for Ryan to be with his family during this time!

Lydia is doing so well on the trip! She eats, stays awake for an hour, and then is out for 2 1/2 hours like clock work. Now the question is will she continue to do well the whole 24 hour trip? I think (hope) so. :) We are stopping at Jordon’s house (Ryan’s brother) in Des Moines Iowa for 3 hours of sleep and then he’s headed out with us for the rest of the 16 hours. We are in the 2 door Honda Civic and it is actually super cozy and not squishy like I was thinking it would be.

It’s Ryan and I’s 1st year anniversary tomorrow but we will celebrate next Friday when things aren’t as busy. But I’ve been reflecting all week how great it’s been this first year. I am shocked how time flies. I think of all that’s happened in a year and wonder what lies ahead in the years to come. Our first year recap...

I graduated right before we got married
We got married June 1st
Went to the Bahamas on a cruise, drove up to Daytona stayed a couple days playing on the beach, then drove to Orlando and went to Universal Studios for a couple more days and then flew home.
We went to Island Park
Lived at the Hirschi’s for 2 weeks
Moved to Indiana
Ryan started dental school
I started dental assisting
We had a baby girl that we named Lydia Ann Hirschi

Wonder what this next year will bring? When I think of the first year of marriage I think of the country song, “It doesn’t get better than this and it did!” I think that’s what it’s called?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Things I want to Remember

Sunday night the Kelley's brought over Lydia's crib. They are a dental family who just graduated and are moving. They were so kind to give us all there baby stuff! The crib is so big compared to her basinet. Little things, like a big crib, that show she's growing up make me sord of sad in a way. The things she does now that I want to remember...

1. Smile every time she see's me

2. Snuggle up against me when she's tired

3. Reaches up to hold my hair and makes sure yep it's mom

4. Talks to me after bath time

5. She tries to eat the bubbles when I'm bathing her

6. When she gets done eating she lays over my lap and has to stretch with her head hanging off my lap for a good couple of minutes. It makes me smile inside every time :)

7. The lint under her chin and on her hands. I have to clean them out every morning when I'm bathing her.

8. She likes to go out early with me in the mornings and go running. Before she falls asleep she looks at the sky and tree's like they are the most beautiful creation.

9. When she's tired she rubs her hands over her eyes

10. She likes her eyes covered when she sleeps

11. Sadly her night time feedings are coming to a close (your thinking, "Oh that's not sad!") but the look on her face is always priceless when she see's my bed head. I can't help but chuckle! She also will only stay awake to eat if I blow on her face. Her face seems to say, "Thanks mom, you have horrible morning breath!"

12. No mother likes to hear their baby cry. I think it's adorable though to see her lower lip stick out and quiver

The joys truly are endless!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Indy 500 parade

So Saturday we went to the Indy 500 Parade and it's the first real big parade I've ever been too and Lydia's first parade ever. It was so funny because it was 100 degrees outside with about 70% humidity. We were all dripping with sweat. We really lucked out because Ryan was helping a family in our ward roof that morning and there neighbors had 2 extra tickets to the parade. So we were able to go and got VIP seating with lunch and everything. Wow, we are pretty lucky!

Friday, May 25, 2012

The scale lies!

Fact: Majority of people avoid the scale like the plaque.

Fact: The scale (most) doesn’t say your body percentage of fat and muscle.

Good news, the scale lies! I have always enjoyed watching the biggest looser because it’s motivating that people can take control of their lives after letting go. So since it aired on Tuesdays I decided that would be my weigh in day after Lydia came. But I must say it lies! Ha ha, This is when most of you are thinking, “Danielle, get a grip it doesn’t lie. You just don’t want to fess up to what it says.” Actually I’m totally comfortable with what it says but for the past 5 Tuesdays I have only moved 3 rocks. . .

Ok real quick... What are Rocks? :) My motivation to keep going. I saw this on pinterest of course. Pinterest is where all my creative ideas come from :) So I have a quart jar with Pounds to Loose and Pounds Lost. I move the rocks from Pounds to Loose to Pounds Lost every Tuesday when I weigh in.

So back to the fact that I’ve only moved 3 in the past 5 weeks. This is why the scale lies. I have gained so much muscle and lost a lot more fat. How I can tell? My pants are too big. Ok, so these are not my small jeans but my bigger jeans so don’t think I’ve moved all my rocks yet. But I’ve decided the real judge should be how I feel and a measuring tape. :) Can’t forget the measuring tape because Yes I can be fat and happy, HA HA.

Loosing the baby weight for me was a whole lot easier than I thought, now comes the hard part the extra 10 I had gained before that. But I know these 10 pounds might take awhile but hey what’s the rush? I just need to keep trying :)

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming (LOVE DORI OFF OF FINDING NEMO)

Please share your success stories or goals to keep me motivated :)

Photo Shoot

I took a ton of pictures of Lydia while she was in a smiley mood :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How do you post a video?

Ok so right above where I'm typing has only these features B I ABC (with a line through it) Link Picture ".... There is no film looking device to add a video. Is this how everyone's is? Where is my link to post video's? Am I blind? Help needed :)