Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nap Time

It's interesting how since Lydia came I've only been able to take 2 real naps. I don't know why I can't nap but I just sit and think of all the things I could be getting done with that precious time. Ok, so she takes A LOT of naps for 2 hour increments of time. So honestly I should just nap but I can't shut my brain off. I sometimes wish you had a switch to turn your brain off. However, when it comes to night time once my head hits the pillow I'm out cold. I guess Ryan will get into bed after I do and supposedly he'll have a full on conversation with me and I don't remember a thing. Good thing I'm no longer held accountable for what he tells me because now he knows I'm not really awake. He used to ask me to do him a favor and then the next day he would say, "Were you able to get that done?" HA HA I would look at him like, "What in the world are you talking about?" He used to think I had selective hearing but now he knows I talk when I'm asleep.

I have a new obsession with painting. So it started with spray painting the shelves to hang up a and since then I've done a pot and I'm approaching a picnic table and chairs. However, it has to be spray paint otherwise it doesn't turn out even :) The flower pot I did I used real paint for the white polka dotes on a black background and it looks like a 3 year old did it. :) Well you don't have to be good at hobbies, right ?

She's awake...

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