Friday, May 4, 2012

Family Fun

I must say that I love having our little family. It just feels so right. At breakfast this morning it was so funny because Ryan and I were having so much fun just watching Lydia. She does the funniest little game where she will pout out her lower lip to Ryan and then the next second smile so big with her tongue sticking out. We laughed so hard because she did this about 4 times. I know that this is the smallest thing but to Ryan and I it was such a party.

Our little family

Ryan is the funniest husband ever. He always makes me laugh. I love this picture. I just have to share this story. About 3 nights ago Ryan and I decide to stay up late and have a fun nacho party. We had jalapenos that we decided to put on our nachos. We tried to see who would eat them without making a funny face. After washing my face to get ready for bed I went to open my eyes when I felt this extreme burning. It felt like my eyeballs were burning out of my socket. Needless to say I forgot to wash my hands before I rubbed soap on my face and got jalapeno juice in my eyes. It took me a good 10 minutes before I could open my eyes. Ryan died laughing and just decided to stand there and pester me since I couldn't open my eyes to get him back. It was a nacho night to remember.

I can't believe how strong her neck is. She did this the day she was born.

She gets this look a lot. Very serious

Ryan is so cute with her! She will grow up to be a daddy's girl ( and mama's too of course )

Ryan's model pose, LOL. Love the serious look

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  1. I read that book while I was pregnant, and took notes. It did not work!! Halle is 4 1/2 months and JUST started sleeping through the night, only because I give her formula before bed. It keeps them full longer, and then we do breastmilk during the day. I hope it keeps working for you though!!