Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Luck with running gear!

For mothers day Ryan found these puma shoes that were originally $80 that were $15 so I got them for mothers day and I hadn't used them until this morning and Wow I felt so fast. Lol, which was probably still a 13 minute mile. But my asics were shot so I felt like I was running on a cloud. The jogger stroller I've been using for a month and love it! I know the Lord is very aware of me. One night it was on my mind how much I'd love one but couldn't afford it. That night when I prayed I did't dare ask for a jogging stroller because Hello! Not of eternal value! But that weekend at church the youth were doing an auction to raise money for camp and someone brought a jogger stroller that I ended up getting for $16. What a great deal! The Lord heard my unprayed prayer :)

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