Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thundering over Louisville

This last Saturday we drove the 2 hours to Louisville Kentucky so Ryan could help clean the temple and we could see the fireworks that are supposedly the best in the world. And after having seen them I would say that's a resounding YES! It was so fun! Lydi did so good in the car drive down and back compared to what I thought it was going to be like.

It was so cold, 40 degrees, so needless to say she was bundled to the max. She either can sleep through the loudest fireworks that lasted from 9:30 to 10:30 or the blankets muffled the noise for her.

I was also nervous to go on the trip because I didn't know I was going to attempt to feed her in public. Our car was parked a couple blocks away so I couldn't camp in it and feed her. I am happy to report that it went smoothly. It helped that 2 other women, Tiffany & Ashley, who I was with were breast feeding too. I honestly never thought I'd be one to feed in public and I'm still not going to unless it is absolutely necessary. But it was liberating to know that I can go anywhere and still live life while breast feeding.

This picture is the only one that really showed up. But just imagine two bridges over a river that they show the most gorgeous fireworks. It started the way most shows end, and the finale literally rattled your insides.

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