Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thanks mom for visiting!

So I was lucky enough to have my mom come visit for 2 weeks with Lydia, Ryan, and I. During this time Ryan had his birthday which was so fun! We grilled hamburgers, made homemade french fries, ate ice-cream pie, and played the wii. My mom got so sore from playing that the next day she couldn't pass me a burp cloth without a great deal of effort :)

We also had conference which was so fun! I have to admit that I fell asleep Saturday afternoon session because I was all cuddled up with Lydia. That is definitely one of my favorite parts of being a mom!

She's had a little bit of colic for only 2 days. I went off most dairy products and it seems to have helped. I must say it's easy to go off something when you see your little one crying because of something you ate?! :( I am also wondering if chocolate is a culprit to colic? She is such a great baby and so easy going I want to make sure I don't hurt her little tummy. I guess this mom thing is a learning curve and eventually I'll come to understand what sets well with little Liddy. But when she's happy and calm, boy oh boy, she's an easy baby. Last night I got up once to feed her. WOW! I know that it always won't be like that, but those nights are awesome!


  1. She is so pretty!! I'm so happy for you, my dear. Being a mom is the best job ever. Congratulations!!

  2. She is such a doll! Did you have that kind of hair when you were a babe? I love the picture of you and your mom sitting on the ground just play'n some Wii. You guys look so happy! Congrats!

    1. Yes she looks just like my newborn pictures, wierdly enough. Thanks we did have so much fun :)

  3. The story about your Mom being sore is hilarious! Congrats on flying through the first few weeks of motherhood! Your pictures are adorable. I can't believe how dark Lydia is. I love that we share a birthday. :)