Monday, February 14, 2011


         Today I can't help but think how truly grateful I am for so much in my life!  The blessings I feel truly are overflowing!  Could life get any better?!  Since I was a little girl I day dreamed about finding the love of my life and being swept off my feet.  I have always seen myself not necessarily riding off into the sunset but eating breakfast watching the sun come up in the mountains.  This morning Ryan surprised me and picked me up at 6 AM to watch the sun rise in the mountains eating my favorite breakfast, cereal.  I was on cloud 9!  I have now accomplished one of the things off my bucket list.  :)
      I've known Ryan since I was in Jr. High and he's always been my best friend.  Eleven years ago we started a great friendship and I am so grateful to be dating him!  He remembers all the little things I say.  He has the most INCREDIBLE memory I've ever seen!  For example our last date before he left on his mission he took me to the Olive Garden.  The waitress had the coolest CTR ring on I've ever seen in my life.  I briefly mentioned how I've always wanted one like it.  After he'd been gone for 2 weeks on his mission I received a package from him.  I was dumbfounded when it was the very CTR ring I had seen on the server's hand.  The funny thing about this ring though is it only fit my ring finger.  Lol!  My dates never went without asking who gave it to me.
       One of my other favorite memories was when I was on my mission.   I had finished writing him an email on my P-Day and signed it, "Your Shin Splint Friend."  Sure enough, thoughtful Ryan went to the store and bought me inserts to put in my shoes to alleviate the pain.  The day on my mission when I received this package was when I had been transferred to open a new area and had just picked up my greenie from the mission home.  I was definitely feeling overwhelmed and receiving his package was music to my feet because now the pain quickly subsided.  This was definitely also an answer to prayer!
      Back in 9th or 8th grade, I can't remember, I had math with Ryan, Trevor Pearce, and Sarah Cammack.  Sarah and I would make bets with Ryan and Trevor that which ever group did better on the test they'd owe the other dinner.  Of course we were in Jr. High so we didn't take each other to dinner because that would have been a date.  But needless to say, I got my dinner latter on. :)  He continued to be my math buddy in high school.  Sitting in GW (Gutless Wonder, his truck) we would stay after school so he could help me for the math test we had the next day.  I used to get testing anxiety and if I didn't know the material perfectly I would freeze up during the test.  Good thing I'm a great test taker thanks to Ryan!
      For some reason, we've always had a theme when we hang out... I end up wet and he ends up bleeding/getting hurt.  Weird enough, but true!  He has this huge pond in his backyard that whenever I'd go to his house he would have to throw me in or egg on his friends to do it.  Ryan would always end up bleeding because of my clumsy nature or I try to prove to him that even though I am a girl I can work him.  Growing up Ryan and I would compete in everything we did!  I finally would get frustrated because he was a lot stronger than me and so I'd become feisty.  Miraculously enough he would end up with some kind of blood injury.  Nothing ever big that would cause a lot of blood but usually a scratch here or a bloody nose there.  After I came home from my mission we were hiking Adam's Canyon and I I gave him a upper cut to his jaw trying to use my hands while I told a story.  I felt so bad but couldn't stop laughing because I honestly didn't mean too.  Today I was so excited that I gave him a hug and the back of his head went right into the corner of my brick house.  Opps... Good thing he's had years of practice.  :)
       The memories are endless and am so happy and grateful I get to laugh everyday with my best friend!


  1. Oh my gosh Danielle! Can I just say I love you? You make me laugh so hard! I can totally see you punching him in the face telling a story. Congrats on getting engaged! We need to get together real soon. I miss you.

  2. Fiesty? That doesn't sound like you. :) Congrats!