Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life is not a race

       Why do we feel in our society that we have to accomplish things by a certain time in our life?  I know a lot of people feel pressured that for women they need to be married by age 19 graduated by 21 and successfully raising a family of 4 by 22.  For men serve a mission, marry by 22, and graduate by 23.  Ok, so these dates might be exaggerated.  But I once thought that it was so crucial to move so quickly through life and accomplish what I was sent here to do, get married and be a mother.  However, the Lord wanted me to come to understand and learn some important things about myself and life before I entered this stage of my life.  The Lord has custom ordered important things for us to experience to become the best mothers/wives/fathers/husbands we can be.  We each have a path that the Lord wants us to take so why don't we stop comparing our lives and trying to mold them to be like those we associate with?  I hear so many people seriously depressed because their life isn't turning out the way they wanted it to be.  If we're keeping the commandments we should be smiling because God has a better life in store for us than we had planned for ourselves.
         Life is such a gift and we are throwing that gift away by continually wishing that are lives could be someone else's.  I was shown this picture of two rockets who were aimed at the target.  One was moving at .0001 mph and the other at 1,000 mph.  The question was, "Which rocket will hit the target first?"  The answer was the one that was moving .0001 mph because it was focused on the target.  The rocket moving at 1,000 mph was so busy trying to move fast that it missed the mark of the target.  The most important thing in our lives should be living the commandments so we can live with God again.  If we keep this as our main focus rather than trying to move so quickly through life we will achieve our goal of living with God again.  Let's enjoy the journey instead of wishing we were at our destination!

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