Thursday, February 3, 2011

What you do when no one is watching...

I'm someone who has always thoroughly enjoyed singing and dancing in the shower.  In public I don't ever break out into song or just start jamming out.  This morning I rolled out of bed and scurried  off to aerobics.  Emily, my instructor just started jamming out to the music.  Everyone knows that whatever the instructor does you're just supposed to follow.  Before I knew it I was jamming out while laughing thinking I do this every morning on my own but not in front of a whole class of people.
Throughout the day I found myself walking by people wondering what they do when no one is watching.  Some people talk to themselves in the mirror and tell them how great they are.  Others sing and dance just like I do.  So if the majority of people do funny things when they're by themselves I wonder why society has taught us to  be reserved with this side of ourselves in public?  I'm not trying to indicate that everyone should go around singing what they're thinking like they do in the Disney movies.  I'm just thinking how much more enjoyable life would be.  Is this why the I-Pod generation is obsessed with always having head phones in their ears so they can have their own little party going on with no one noticing?
I love life and the funny things we do!

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