Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thoughts to the Universe

Finished! The task at hand: complete psychology, and business strategy exams. check, check. Walking home I discovered that my life still continues to tick forward. I remember feeling the stress weighing down on me while I was sitting by my fourth grade project thinking that time would never move forward!
Ironically enough, I want to steal time's progression and bask in the precious moments of life! Sitting around the dinner table Sunday with all my sisters and mom laughing about how Abram yelled, "I pooped in the Poddy!" made me wish I could freeze time.
The bitter sweet opposition in life I find surround my thoughts on a consistent basis. Yes, it is so necessary to know the bitter to appreciate the sweet. The bitter that is the hardest for me to conquer is the self afflicted heart aches. Why and how can I repeatedly make the same mistakes over and over. We, fallen natural men, fight a battle everyday to stand strong against the sins that so easily do beset us. Nephi's words constantly go through my mind (2 Nephi 4: 18-19). Him even a prophet had those feelings.
I have decided to start this blog to write my thoughts and words to the universe.

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  1. Yea Dani!!!! I am so glad you have a blog!! Can't wait to hear all about your wise thoughts and words ;)