Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can't Wait for Indiana!

Today I was riding my bike to make it just in time to see the sunset.  Sunsets are my favorite!  As I was riding around the town I couldn't help but wonder what kind kind of lives people were living inside the different houses I passed.  Have some people gone through the same joys and sorrows as me?  As I pondered about this question I felt a camaraderie among the whole human race.  I started to feel how we're all in this long journey together!

I am starting a very new and exciting journey in my life right now.  I will graduate this May in Business Marketing, get married June 1st to my best friend Ryan :), move to Indiana July 5th for dental school, and then try to find a job that has maternity insurance.  The peace I found today while I was riding my bike just gave me such an excitement to meet my neighbors in Indiana and gain some fun friendships!   :)


  1. I am so excited for you, gorgeous! But before all this wonderful stuff happens, we have to get together. I miss you!

  2. Exciting stuff coming your way! I am so happy for you and all the things coming your way!

  3. So I left a comment, but I guess it wasn't submitted. Are you going to dental school or your fiance? And why the maternity insurance? You guys making some plans for the near future? :)