Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding Day!

Ok, so I am going to have to apologize up front because I am going to have to type fast and I will have a lot of mistakes.  But time is so precious since we're so busy in Indiana.

Well it really was everything I'd ever dreamed it would be.  Except I didn't sleep a wink the night before the big day.  Lol.  We actually had our reception the night before and it was so beautiful and so much fun to get to talk with everyone, I enjoyed every minute!  Everyone was there in both our families except for Ryan's brother, Matt, who is in Russia.  However, he had a video for us at the luncheon so it was like he was there too.  My heart was so full with joy!  I want to say thank you so much for everyone who made the long commute and stood in line because it meant a lot to me.  I loved the everything, the decorations but mainly the company.  We didn't eat anything from the ice-cream buffet from cold stone.  But I really just wanted to see everyone!  My companions came which meant so much to me.

 Ryan dropped me off around 10 and then I franticly packed for our honeymoon to Florida.  I was trying to just take a carry on since it's $60 for a bag.  I fit A LOT in this small bag.  It is my official Marry Poppins bag.  Ryan was so impressed!  Then I spent all night tossing and turning anticipating the next day.  Running over in my head my list of things I couldn't forget: my recommend, marriage license, bag for our honeymoon, birth certificate so I could get on our cruise.  Oh boy oh boy... and then the thoughts about I'm going to be a Hirschi tomorrow.  What a fun night to remember.

The next morning Ryan came and picked me up... Boy oh boy he looked especially handsome that morning.  We drove to the temple holding hands.  The sealing was so incredibly special to me.  Words can't describe what spiritual experience it was for me.  I just know that God approves of this marriage. Then I got ready like the speed of light so we could go take pictures quickly so Ryan could get to the luncheon on time so he wouldn't starve the rest of the day :).  We got pretty good at taking pictures.  Tony our photographer from Hazen's cracks me up.  "Danielle chin down, look that way."  "Ryan hand in pocket with thumb out"  I loved the way the pictures turned out!  Thanks to my mom telling me to go with them.

The luncheon was such a party!  Ryan's parents did such a good job!  We went to Joy Luck in Bountiful and Ryan had his all you can eat lunch.  He always is disappointed in luncheons where they barely give you any food at all.  We stuffed our faces and then our families gave us some great memory gifts.  My brother McCabe gave me coyote urine (turned out to be perfume luckily) from a funny story from hunting coyotes.  My dad gave me an easy button because it always reminds me of the gospel.  Sam talked about my funny danielleism's (like when I said when we were taking a family picture that the bubbles would give it good side affects instead of special affects).  Christy gave me binki's because when I was little I had to have 3 in each hand and one in my mouth in order to fall asleep.  My mom gave me a gorgeous picture of Christ walking on the water, which it's my favorite one.  I started to cry because it has so much meaning.  She also gave me his, hers, ours plates for eating.  LOL, I am just like my mom we want to try what is on the other persons plate.  This way Ryan can put what he's willing to share on the plate titled "Ours." :)  Ryan's brother Travis gave him a blown up picture of him riding on a horse with a hat but naked across a river in the mountain.  Don't worry it only showed a part of his bum.  But the bishops wife chin dropped pretty far.  Jessica gave binki's because of the talent he has with kids to help them calm down and obey.  They have named Ryan The Baby Whisper.  Matt's video was broadcasted with some CLASSIC stories of Ryan.  Matt gave him gas cans so he wouldn't run out of gas like he did.  Jordan gave him an alarm clock because like I've come to find out he loves to set it really early and then let it beap for a long time before he gets up.  That's only happened twice.  Mom gave him some food, linked to Ryan always saying "Foods a crutch."  She gave a lot of sweet memories of him.  Kyle gave him the urn back that Ryan gave him.  This ern is has a cremated bat & fish.  Kyle had been storing the dead bat & fish in his mom's freezer.  So Ryan cremated them both as a Christmas gift to Kyle.    What a FUN TIME!

Then we headed off for our honeymoon which began sharing it with the whole airplane for a red eye flight to Florida.  Now that is CLASSIC!

I love love love being married!  It's so fun to live with your best friend!

Temple....Oh what a great day!
Ryan's family. Travis, Meg, Sam, & Ben on left. His dad & mom by us. On right Jordon, Jessica with Sophie, Jenna, Kyle, & Brynlee.  
My family: McCabe & Mandy on the very left with their boy Connor, Courtney on the very left, and she's expecting this August with a little girl.  Sam & Benson second to the left with their girl Brynn by Courtney, Colton by Benson, and Trey by my dad.  My mom & dad by Ryan and I.  Christy & Adam's family on the right. Meg, Easton their oldest, & Abram the little guy on Christy's lap. 
Us girls left to right: Meg, Mandy, Sam, Me, Christy, Jenna, & Jess


  1. Yay yay!! You updated! I love the pictures. You two looked so happy at your reception. I am so happy for you, dearie. Congratulations!!

  2. Oh, Danielle...PLEASE remove this picture...I look sooooooo horrid!!!! gross!!!! You look beautiful!!

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