Friday, July 29, 2011

Portable Dishwasher, Those exist?

Our townhouse didn't come with a dishwasher. However, we weren't that disappointed because washing dishes for 2 doesn't take long. Our neighbors were moving out and asked if we wanted to buy there dishwasher. WHAT?!? I was thinking you're going to rip yours out and give it to us? Can you do that? I went over there to see and that's when I saw the portable dishwasher. You can wheel it all around your kitchen. Anyways I ended up buying it from them because I thought over the next 4 years that'd be a life saver with kids. So I wheeled it all the way up the street and into our house. LOL! I thought as I was rolling it home,"This might be the strangest thing to role up the street!" I am super excited though for it! We hook it up to the kitchen faucet and run it that way. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.

Update: Currently I'm waiting to hear back about 2 jobs. A sales representative for Aramark. I think that job would fit me like a glove and I know I'd love it. I had my second interview yesterday. The other job is typing Ryan's dental class's lectures. You'd have to type what the professor says verbatim. This would be incredible because I can work at home at my convenience. I could do it the whole 4 years of dental school even with kids. The big perk is they make around $2,000 a month. Not bad for such a low key job! I hear back about both jobs next week. I sure hope one works out!


  1. So what happened with the other job you were offered?

  2. Holy smokes woman you are in high demand! Jobs all over the place! This lecture typing one sounds awesome, especially for a morning sickness gal. You can just lay in bed, eat your soda crackers, and type away. I love all of your posts.