Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1st week adventures in Indiana

Wow, this is a very hott place to live.  Yesterday I planted our small little garden and flowers and within five minutes I was dripping wet.  It was 95 degrees and very humid!

So we have brand new towels since we're married and I have washed and dried them twice to find brown fuzzies all over both Ryan and I.  I don't know the cure to fixing towels from being new to being worn in.  Before Ryan goes to school I check to see if he has any weird fuzzies from the towels.  I guess in a couple more washes they'll be gone I hope.

I love love to cook!  It's so fun to think, "What should I make for dinner today?"  I have never had anyone to cook for and I thoroughly enjoy cooking.  I had no idea how much I love it until now.  I was so proud of my casserole Sunday.  I have only made 3 dinners so far but I get excited every time! :)

Knock, knock... in comes Breana.  We have a 3 year old neighbor who knocks once and then just walks into your house.  She is such an outgoing little girl.  We have Lots of little kids by us.  Saturday night we played football with them and we had a blast.  Since the oldest is probably 7 it's so funny because they are just figuring out the game of football.

I have had so much fun sharing the gospel.  At Walmart I'll talk to the workers or anyone who comes in my path.  My neighbors I'm hoping are coming over Wednesday for when I feed the missionaries to hear what we believe.  I am surprised when I first got out here that I was a little nervous to open my mouth and share the gospel.  But once I did it the next time it was easier.

Yesterday I sat down to start looking for a job and the moment I flipped open my laptop I got a call for an interview.  A company I had called back in March asked if I wanted to come in for an interview that night.  So I picked Ryan up from school and we headed there.  It was an hour interview with a group portion and one on one.  I got the job :)  I am excited to start to make some money :)  I am on a sales team for Cutco.  I start training this weekend.

Ryan is so patient with me.  It's hard for me to learn the streets and where I'm going.  I went to pick him up from school and got lost.  He waited for awhile.  The roads are crazy.  It's like they through a bunch of noodles down and said these will be our on and off ramps.  I'm learning slowly :)

This is the outside of our town house.  Ryan's car is on the left and mine's on the right. 
This is our living room

Entryway into our kitchen from living room.  On the left our laundry room, on the right is a room for storage and a bathroom, and through the french doors is our backyard.
So Ryan has anatomy lab where the cadaver lab makes me smell like a dead body :(

stairs going upstairs
The Study room, Ryan getting ready for his 2 tests
upstairs bathroom... those fuzzy brown towels have left stuff all over the shower curtains.  Yay,  get to clean them again :-)
Master Bedroom.  We were so lucky we got this King bed set with mattresses & all for $150 on KSL.


  1. Danielle,
    Congratulations! You are such a beautiful bride! Wished I could have come to your reception. And congratulations to your new job and living in Indiana! I'm enjoying reading your blog about your life. Thanks for your upbeat messages! Wishing you all the best as you begin your new life in a new place!

  2. Danielle!! Your townhouse looks lovely, and I am so happy for you and your married self!! Love you