Monday, July 18, 2011

A Mother's Love

I have loved being in Indiana, but now that Ryan is in school all the time & were completely moved in I'm finding myself noticing I'm all alone.  For those of you who don't know, being alone isn't my favorite.  I loved my mission because I always had a companion with me.  That's hard for some people who serve missions to have a companion with them at all times.  For me it was heaven, lol.  I've found productive things to do while Ryan has been at school.  However, I get really excited to make dinner for Ryan when he comes home so we can sit down and visit before he has to go back to studying.

My mom is still my best friend.  She calls me everyday just to talk.  If she hasn't called me for the day I call her.  She can always seem to make me laugh and lift my spirits.  I got birthday money and I had this thought to go and get a new purse since the one I'm using is the one from my mission and it has holes in the lining and is torn up on the outside.  I didn't get it because I now that the money for a newlywed is better saved then spent.  My mom has known this and today I got a package from my mom that is the purse I've always wanted.  I've never seen it until now of course.  It has lots of pockets on the outside & inside.  That made me so happy so now I can have a spot for everything in my purse and it can be organized.  My old purse was a bag that once something was put in it the items became scattered vicariously through it.  I love my mom so much and for the little kind acts of service she's done for me throughout my life!

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