Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm hoping I can blame being a klutz, or acting weird on being pregnant because "WOW"

Ok, So I don't think I was aware early on in my life about my behavior like I am now. But I have noticed that whatever I hold on too seems to slip between my hands like butter gripping a utensil. Monday for instance I made lasagna, a salad, and bread sticks for dinner. We sat down to enjoy our meal and I passed Ryan the salad. Only the bowl slipped from my hands and I passed it right onto his lap. Now how did that happen? Later, I was cutting my lasagna and low and behold my knife slipped from my fingers and showered Ryan once again not with salad but lasagna this time. This might be a really long pregnancy for him! I don't remember being so accident prone before. Well maybe I was and I just didn't notice. Lol!

I was in a bit of a rush because yesterday I was running around the whole town trying to get everything done. I woke up, worked out, went to the relief society activity at a pool that reminded me of the farmington pool. Then I went to meet up with the Elders to teach a lesson and found myself on the other side of town. How did that happen while I was following a GPS? I don't know? Once again, are my hands not functioning right or has this always been the case. My hands should be able to manage the steering wheel while listening to the GPS?

This next incident isn't klutz but mainly just not thinking properly...

Last night I have no idea what came over me but thinking what to cook for dinner I thought well we don't want to waste the black beans that have been in the fridge for 2 weeks now. So I put them in with some top roman and then randomly added hot dogs. Needless to say it made me sick just looking at it. So when Ryan came home from school I felt so bad and said, "I know you don't like when people waste food so I made a creation to put the black beans in and wow, it doesn't smell too normal!" I only set the table for one because I had completely lost my appetite cooking the worst meal hopefully of our married life. :) He of course eats anything with a smile and says thank you. However, while he was looking through the fridge I know he was thinking, "What can drown out the taste of anything...? Ranch & salsa!" Lol! What funny adventures marriage brings! Especially being married to someone who's off their rocker, but for now we'll blame it on pregnancy!

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  1. Ha ha you are so cute Danielle! Not too sure about the ramen, black beans, and hot dogs....but hey, at least you tried, right? Congrats on the pregnancy!! I hope you don't get sick! I'm still sick off and on and I'm 19 weeks! It is miserable I tell you. I'm so happy for you though! What an exciting time of life to be newly married and expecting!