Monday, August 1, 2011


Ryan and I took off on the 5 1/2 hour road trip Saturday morning. We were meeting Ryan's brother, Jordan, and his girlfriend, Amanda, there. We met up at 12:30 and had a picnic outside the visitor center. Then we headed over to the browning center where we took the tour and learned all about the guns. I filmed it because last year when I went with my parents my dad was so bummed because he didn't get to see it. Then we went to the 2:00 session in the Nauvoo temple. WOW! I love that temple. It's so incredibly gorgeous. Afterwords we realized it was the last night of the pageant so we decided to stay and see it. The mosquitos were biting me all over my legs! I ended up with 16 on one leg and 11 on the other. I finally was able to get a blanket around my legs and enjoy the show.

Before the pageant we ate dinner at "The" buffet in Nauvoo. Last year I ate there and ate myself sick. This picture is of my mom from last year after the buffet! This year we ate a lot! However, I was smarter and didn't get sick! It was so fun! Oh, we loved it!

After the pageant we realized we wouldn't be able to drive all the way home without falling asleep. We stopped in Malcomb Illinois, just an hour east of Nauvoo. There we found "Star Motel" that was only $37 a night and had a church that was 5 minutes away that we could go to the next morning. I was so impressed with the hotel. It had a fridge and everything else. Usually you'll go to a Hilton and not even have a fridge. Ryan and I only bought one pair of clothes and so we hung them up at night and let the air conditioner blow on them to try and freshin them up for church. Needless to say in sacrament the next morning a lady who was at the same buffet as us said, "Hey, you both were at the same buffet last night that I was." I remember thinking, "How does she even remember us? It was packed with lots of people." Then I remembered that we were wearing the same clothes and thought we aren't hard to recognize since we never change our clothes. Lol! Then this couple walked up to us who conducted the temple session and said, "Hey it's good to see you, you both were in the 2 o'clock session yesterday that we conducted." So maybe people recognized us for our faces and not the fact that we might have looked like bums who wear the same clothes the next day.

On the drive home we passed this bus that said, "Short Bus Racing." We cracked up laughing and had to take a picture. Great vacation!

I just found out this morning that I got the job for typing the dental school lectures. YAY!

What have I been craving the most of ...?!? Let's guess...

MILk! That's right... Wow I can't believe how much milk I bought. It was on sale and since I've been craving it I went to town! :)

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