Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dental Assisting

The sisters called me because they needed a ride to their dentist appointment. After serving a mission I will always help out the missionaries! So after lunch when we got there and I started talking to the receptionist. I mentioned how much I loved working in dental offices and how much fun the environment is. She said, "We are actually looking for someone to cover one of our assistance's maternity leave." I said I'd love too. So I went in this week and had so much fun! Just like good old times. Every office does things a little different so they were showing me the ropes with this office. The dentist is a Bishop in my stake. It's so nice to know that he's a member of my church so I know his standards and values. The girls are so cute! I'm so excited!

That was such an obvious example that if you put the Lord's work first he takes care of you. I wanted to keep up my skills so I can help Ryan when he's a dentist one day. How fun!

The same day I started at my new job we had Ryan's aunt Carolee & cousin Jaraline stay the night on their way to D.C. It was fun to have them stay. It was like a little bit of home. These are good times never to be forgotten :)

I also have been complimented a lot recently how much people love my ring. Ryan did such a good job! I love him and am glad he went through all the trouble trying to design my ring on his own. I do love my ring!

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  1. I love reading your posts! That is so great that you found a place to work! I hope that everything continues to work together for your good! :) I love you lots! and I always will. Hope you know that you are living example to me everyday of faith, hope, and good works!