Saturday, February 25, 2012

Surprise Date

I love surprises and love when Ryan surprises me with a date I don't know about. Yesterday I was so excited when he said he had a a surprise date. He ended up blind folding me and taking me to Papa Johns (where I haven't ate in about 6 years). We ordered the pizza and came home to find that he had our table with a candle lit dinner.

This is the perfect date for me, he knows me so well! We enjoyed are salad and pizza with some good tunes in the background. He said ok now your job is to go upstairs and get your PJ's on and then come find out the rest of the surprise. So I rushed upstairs and threw on some sweats and came down stairs to find we were going to make homemade popcorn since our microwave hasn't let me pop popcorn since we moved here. :( Our microwave no matter what I do always burns our bags of popcorn. I was so excited that we got to watch a movie together with our first batch of popcorn since we've been married with some oranges :)

Update: Sunday I am 37 weeks yay!


  1. Fun date!!! You can really see the difference in your size when you compare the picture of when you were here over Christmas. I am excited to see this little girl.

  2. Ok two things from your previous posts.... Ha ha you have always been one to pee your pants (I will never forget that sleep over when Kristin wouldn't get off the toilet ha ha ) it just made me laugh when you said you don't pee your pants anymore. And second- nice sewing! Those good old sewing lessons are paying off! Seriously I am really impressed. You're such a homemaker :) I'm so excited for you and Ryan! I can't wait to see pictures :)