Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So I know that anyone who has been pregnant might know that the last week of being pregnant seems like the longest week of your whole pregnancy. You are just waiting now for the arrival of your little one. I am hoping that she comes this week so Ryan can have spring break with getting to have all the time to spend with his new little girl.

But we're definitely still making the most of our time. The weather in Indiana is INCREDIBLE right now. Hot, high today 77 degrees, light wind, blue skies, etc. Can you ask for better weather? Yesterday we went on a picnic and brought our small grill and ate hamburgers and potato wedges, had some yummy pineapple and veggies. I LOVE PICNICS! We had so much fun! We decided when we got home that we'd make churro's and watch a movie. The churro's don't look tasty but they were :) Such a fun day!

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