Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We're having a GIRL :)... Trip to VA

I have been so excited to post for awhile but our internet has been down. We went in on the 25th of October and found out we're having a girl! :) I am so so excited! I can't wait to have cute little dresses, shoes, headbands, outfits, and most of all to cuddle all the time with her. It still seems surreal because I remember playing house with Kristin, Missy, & Kristy when I was a kid. I still remember Kristy teaching me how to swaddle my little baby doll. It's interesting that as a kid you are so excited to be a mom from the get go. I remember I used to pretend to go grocery shopping, do the dishes, cook, and take care of my baby doll. It's just so interesting how time flies by. When they first started showing us our little girl I'll never forget Ryan's face... he didn't say much but I think it hit him that this was his little girl. It was like the face when I told him we were pregnant. These are the moments to remember! Ryan had guessed our baby was a girl and I had guessed a boy. So I owe him a pumpkin pie this Friday since he was right. She was so active in my stomach I can't believe that I couldn't feel it! I felt her for the first time at 20 weeks. It really was like a butterfly. Crazy! In the ultra sound she was kicking around like she was dancing. She's an active little one. No we don't have a clue what we're going to name her so I'm hoping that we start to have some names we both like.

I also was able to go to VA and see a lot of people again! It was so fun!

Ryan and Craig posing for the camera! :) It was fun to have a mini lesson with Craig and help answer some questions he's been having since he's been a member. I went to downtown Williamsburg and got my chocolate covered Twinkie which I've been missing. We first went to Chesapeake and saw the Stewart Family. They are super strong and are doing great!

Then we weren't able to catch anyone else since we were only there for a couple hours before we went to Newport News and spent that night with the Barkdull Family. We played so many funny games and ate at the Chinese restaurant where Hilary works.

The Hamilton Family were so kind to let us stay all 3 nights there. How nice! They're such an incredibly family! Sunday at Church Bishop Hamilton had me bear my testimony. I don't know why I was so alarmed it's Bishop Hamilton but I guess I haven't been a missionary for a long time. I shared the fellowship of the unashamed which was such a special experience for me and made me long to see Sister Sowards, Moore, Case, Talbot, Dunn, Schorzman, & Stoehr. What incredible woman I had the opportunity to serve with. It was fun to see Cathy after church for lunch. She was like a mother to me on the mission always providing for any need we needed. Rodney I was able to meet the rest of his kids and hear about his temple trip. It was so fun to see Lori Harrell and her family. She was so kind to give Ryan and I a wedding gift that were antique vases representing husband and wife. It made me cry. I just was so overwhelmed with joy to be back and see everyone. The next day we saw Norman and had a fun little study of the word and recommited him to keep fighting to keep the commandments. It was so fun to have my husband there as my companion. I can't wait for us to serve a mission one day together. What joy! We then drove up to downtown Williamsburg and I showed Ryan around then we randomly bumped into an old stealers fan investigator we taught at Hardee's while I was companions with sister Sowards & Moore. It was so funny I ran into him at that same Hardee's. He was shocked I was pregnant. LOL! We went and had some good laughs with the Castro family about how much I loved their food :) LOL. Then we saw the Kelley's and sat down and chatted with them. What a fun trip! I'm glad we went back before the baby so we could see everyone! :)


Ryan had 7 day crazy diet where he lost 20 pounds and weighed 189 pounds for his air-force weigh in for his scholarship application. They measured him at 6 foot so he could have been 202 pounds. I felt bad for him. But it taught him he can do anything... WOW! I'm just grateful I don't have to worry about him collapsing from lack of nourishment since it's all over with!

I am so proud that my dinners are improving... one : more variety and two : I have some great recipes I've got from my mom! Thank goodness!

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  1. Yay!! Congratulations on the baby girl! She is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see pics. I'm so happy for you, dearie. You are going to make a perfect mother in every way. Love you, girl!