Thursday, November 17, 2011

Then her top came off!

So in the dental office you never know what people might say. We've been working on this older woman in her 80's for a couple months now and she's become quiet comfortable around us. We finished seating her bridge today. Her husband came in to help escort her out when she decides to tell us how her and her husband met. She tells this long lengthy story. Then he says well when I knew she was the one was when I took her rafting down the river downtown. We hit some ruff water and I looked back to see if she was ok and her top had come off! He looks at her from head to toe and says WOW! She giggles for an awkward 30 seconds and I'm left thinking,"Don't bust up laughing!!" Then she goes on to explain how the swimwear back when had a t-shirt that went over your swimsuit. She had just lost her t-shirt and now her one-piece swimsuit was all she was left wearing.


So for thanksgiving Ryan's brother Jordon is driving out from Iowa with his girlfriend. I am so excited to be with family over the holiday! However, I keep dreaming that I burn the turkey. NOt all dreams come true!?!

I also have been having lots of weird dreams... 2 nights ago I was an FBI agent who was saving the world from a nuclear bomber who was on an airport runway. The night before Ryan and I were back at home and the baby had already come. I borrowed my sister-in-law, Jess's stroller, and I made my mother-in-law cry. So random! LOL! The list goes on and on. I get nervous to go to bed because when I'm an FBI agent I wake up with my body sore from tensing up all night and the other mornings I wake up confused!

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