Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Adventures

Can I just say that I hate the fact that I can't take a picture while driving to work. The scenery is unreal. Imagine a forest of trees that are of a brilliant red, yellow, lime green, and orange with fog covering the tree trunks. It reminds me of a scene in pride and prejudice when Elizabeth is on a walk in the early morning and sees Darcey coming towards her. I remember thinking that the fog was an incredible shot and would have been hard to get. With the humidity here every morning seems to have a BEAUTIFUL fog that settles on the ground. The fog has inspired me to go running in the mornings so I can enjoy the weather.

Fall is my favorite time of year and it always brings good things. One being that I finally got medicaid and got into a doctor :) YAY~ My first appointment was on Tuesday and they told me that I'm 16 weeks and 3 days along. They also told me my real due date is

MARCH 18, 2010

It felt so good to finally feel settled and have a doctor! This is my before I went in to my first doctor appointment. So fun~

And I have a little baby bumb... FUN! I wore stripes so you can see it. Turned sideways isn't as obvious...

Last night Ryan and I were about to start our date night and watch Rio and we heard firetrucks out our door. So we opened the door and there were 3 fire trucks lined up. We walked over to our neighbors house across the street to give them something and got a better look at the apartment they were going into. It looked like there was a gas leak because they were bringing in fans. They didn't stay long. But it was like the fourth of July because everyone was outside watching what was going on. Never a dull moment where we live :)


This week was my last week full time as a dental assistant and now I'll just be working now part time Wednesday's and Thursday's.

Ryan is still in dental school. And he lets me cut his hair :) This was today's new hair cut

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  1. Your baby bump is so cute! I can't wait to see what you are having. So fun!! I bet it is absolutely gorgeous right now out there. Don't you just love fall?!