Saturday, September 24, 2011

Regada & Rodeo

Ryan, Dane, Brad, & Matt (all 1st year dental students) entered the IUPUI's canoe race called the Regada. Only students, staff, and alumni can enter and there were still 152 teams that entered! WOW! It was an all day event today from 9:45-5:00. There were 15 heats. Ryan's team was called the DARTING DRILLERS. They won with a great time of 7:49. Out of all 152 teams only 3 got under 8 minutes for the mile stretch. This race is such a big deal that last year they had 5,000 come. So Ryan's team went on to the championship round. Dane & Ryan were partners and did a GREAT job together! The Championship was a crazy race with 8 teams racing in the tiny canal and it was so congested that it wasn't really about skill but who could avoid the congestion. The darting drillers were sadly placed smack dap in the middle at take off so they placed 6th. However, 6th out of 152 is pretty darn good for there first ever canoe race! It was so so fun to watch! I think I will be quiet the soccer mom with our kids because I was running the whole mile on the side line telling them who was behind them and how far they were in the lead. I might be just as sore as Ryan from running that whole time as he will be from rowing, lol!

We also went to the Rodeo lat weekend and oh my hilarious there speakers were held up by the bucket of the back hoe. SO FUNNY! Needless to say it started off rough but ended with some great bull riders. There were about 10 riders who all did really well!

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