Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Babysitting, Big, & Back Aches

So starting January on the days I don't work as a dental assistant I've been watching my friends little girl named Bella who turns 2 tomorrow. She is so cute and it's so fun to have a bud to go and do stuff with. Since Martin Luther King Day all the parks in Indiana were free we went to the zoo. We got to see the dolphin show ( which is awesome ). The dolphins do all these jumps and all sorts of cool tricks. Then we saw the penguins, pet the baby sharks, saw the tigers & bears and left. I must say I was just as excited as she was. It's pretty sad that you realize that you are still a kid yourself and get excited to see all the animals :)

I must say that my belly feels huge. She sits so high that I find that I can't eat that much before I'm so full. Then in an hour I'm hungry again. I can tell she's getting bigger because I have the lovely back aches. However, I think I caused one episode of really bad back pain by sitting for 5 hours and sewing on my new sewing machine. I decided to make couch covers for the arms of our couches since they got beat up when we moved. However, after I finished the fabric was a bit off so off to the fabric store I go to get the right color :)

7 1/2 weeks left and then I'm a mommy I'm so excited :)

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  1. I'm so excited for you! Being a mommy is the best ever. And you will be an amazing one :) Love you girlie!