Friday, December 2, 2011

Fertility vs. Infertility

So this morning I woke up at 9 after going to bed at 10 and still feel that I could sleep a couple more hours. My eyelids on my mission would swell up because I was so tired. Pregnancy has brought back this interesting swelling of the eyelids. Last night I went to bed with swollen eyelids and woke up with them still there. This morning I didn't help the matter by sitting down while eating breakfast and reading an ensign article entitled "The Christmas I remember Best." This story talks of a woman who always wanted to be a mother but once she got married was diagnosed with infertility. She talks of the blessing one Christmas time being called with the news that they were being given a little boy. Of course my swollen eyelids swelled with tears as I sat and read this woman's experience. To read this copy and paste this URL:

Lots of my friends have gone through the battle of infertility for years because of PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) or other causes. I too have PCOS and before I got married was worried I would be infertile. I went to the doctor's and they put me on a fertility medication, Metformin, that would help regulate my system without hormones and increase my odds for being fertile. I having being blessed with getting pregnant am still very aware of how lucky I am and my heart continually goes out to those who feel the pain from infertility.

I just want to say to those who have gone through this my heart aches for you. However, I am amazed at the strength you choose to embrace in these difficult times in your life. I know that the Savior walks side by side with these noble woman who have the most righteous desires. If fertility so happens to be a struggle for me in the future I just want to say that you're example and incredible attitudes will lift me up.

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